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let me play wit ya pantie line

<b>1: Name, Age, & Where you are from? : </b> Kelsi. Fourteen. MASSACHUSETTSSS.
<b>2: Any nick names? : </b> Well, my best friend calls me Becky. for some reason.
<b>3: Boyfriend/girlfriend? if have one, amuse us show us a picture of them : </b> yes. I have a boyfriend. He's hott. He's also camera shy. So you can't really see him in the picturez.

 This is Johnny.
<b>4: Sexuality? : </b> I'm straight.
<b>5: How tall are you? : </b> eeeee. About 5'5. I'm guessing.
<b>6: What color hair & eyes? : </b> My hair is blackish/brownish reddish. that's always complicated to say, so I like to call it dark. My eyes are a blueish greyish.

<b>7: What is your favorite food & thing to drink? : </b> I like Tacos. and my favorite drink is Water.
<b>8: What is your favorite item of clothing & thing PERIOD? : </b> I'd say my oh-so-very cool polka dotted red/white/black shirt. &&& my favorite thing period? Probably my stereo.

this is the shirt. you can't really see. But, it gives you a better picture of it.

<b>9: Tell us your most embarrasing moment : </b> Hmm, almost everything I do is embarassing, I'm such a clutz. But, the one thing that is coming to mind is when me and my boyfriend were kissing, I thought I'd be all sexy and cool and bite his lip. Well, it was going good at first. then I bit just a little too hard. and his lip started bleeding. haha. I actually thought it was funny, but he didn't.

<b>10: Describe your self in 4-5 sentences : </b> People call me entertaining because I'm always doing something out of the ordinary. I'm a nose picker. I'm a slacker. I'm a horndog. I like to get drunk with my boyz. ( Johnny and Robert )

<b>11: Give us 10-15 bands or more : </b>  Matchbook Romance. Modest Mouse. The Dresden Dolls. The Killers. The Faint. The Party of Helicopters. Le Tigre. Brand New. My Chemical Romance. Vaux. A Static Lullaby. Silverstein. Northstar. Action Action. Funeral For a Friend. The Postal Service. The Blood Brothers.

<b>12: Promote in 5 places!!! (put the banner in your info, promote in your journal, and one promotion community. when i say promotion i mean a community like ratingpromo.) and we want some proof : </b>

___uhoh</span> </span>





<b>13: Show us a picture of you making a stupid face : </b>

<b>14: Show us 4 or more clear pictures of your face and one body shot. : </b>

 me without glasses. eek.

 Bod</a></span>y. Kind of. I guess. Sure why not.

 heh. I look silly.

<b>15: 100x100 picture of your self for the members accepted page. : </b>

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