Emily (bleeding_orchid) wrote in wannadiisco,

let me play wit yo pantie line

1: Name, Age, & Where you are from? : Emily/16...17 in march/Arkansas
2: Any nick names? : Emmy
3: Boyfriend/girlfriend? if have one, amuse us show us a picture of them :nope sorry.
4: Sexuality? : straight
5: How tall are you? : i'm about 5'8
6: What color hair & eyes? : red hair and hazel eyes
7: What is your favorite food & thing to drink? : My favorite food would have to be chicken chow mein with fried rice and i'm such a coca-cola girl.
8: What is your favorite item of clothing & thing PERIOD? : my favorite item of clothing right now is probably my new green cardigan. my favorite thing? probably my Cd's or computer
9: Tell us your most embarrasing moment : When a friend and I were walking down the street and I heard running footsteps behind us. The sun was setting and i was sure that it was a kidnapper or dog or something so i turned around and screamed. I screamed at a jogger. It was humiliating.
10: Describe your self in 4-5 sentences : I'm a fun redhead who loves to listen to music. I like anything that glitters. My room is a huge mess an I have to clean it after this post. My favorite thing to do is hangout with my friends.
11: Give us 10-15 bands or more : okay.
Rilo Kiley
The Shins
Harry and the Potters
Devandra Banhart
Elliott Smith
Flaming Lips
Velvet Underground
Moldy Peaches
Rufus Wainwright
Ben Folds 5

12: Promote in 5 places!!! (put the banner in your info, promote in your journal, and one promotion community. when i say promotion i mean a community like ratingpromo.) and we want some proof :

13: Show us a picture of you making a stupid face :
On the right

14: Show us 4 or more clear pictures of your face and one body shot. :

i can post another face shot if that ones too obscured by my hand...

body shot- being models- on the left

15: 100x100 picture of your self for the members accepted page. :
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